Sonnets From Lucifer's Fall

Written in 1989 these sonnets have an
ABCDEFFEDCBA-GG rhyme scheme.
There are 7 sonnets in all to this series.

Even the fairest rose compared to you
Quickly withers judged by nature's beauty
You who even makes a goddess jealous
Do stand alone before God without pair
Though separated by a sea of fire
Forevermore condemned by your ill pride
To tred the stirring flames in deepest tide
The molt and lava of your hot desire
Which you have demonstrated without care
For God's gold throne forsaking perfectness
And now you labor for eternity
To pay to God a payment ever due

It is the greatest of all tragedies
In which your true perfection simply dies.

It's Michael on the throne where you were sit
As Lucifer the Archangel of God
Ruling over ordinary angels
But he now claims God's shining heritage
To leave you dancing in the burning fire
Which burns with the passion of your hatred
For your creator whom you now want dead
With thoughts of murder as your chief desire
A caper planned through every coming age
As you think of all possible angles
To take back the throne from which you were trod
To roam the burning waste land of your pit

And though you despise Michael on your throne
You'd let him keep it for God's death to own.

I'm the first meg'lomaniac at heart
The monarch of my self made anarchy
An empire built from my rebellion
Whose army were the messenger's of God
But now they fly for me on tainted wings
Between the bound'ries of the earth and hell
In service to my cause wherein I fell
And now they possess evil earthly Kings
Hiding inside their flesh and bone facade
To manifest the chaos I have done
Which ramifies throughout eternity
Without true peace in which I take no part

It's such an ego that I now possess
Save God all other things that are are less

God who created me knew I would fall
Into the pit of my untimely death
Submitting to his power now my fate
Which he planed and ruthlessly brought about
Making me doomed before my creation
Like a fire to warm the freezing night
That's drown by water with the morning light
So I was used for his cold sensation
And once he was warm I was then put out
Leaving me to feel the freezing hate
For his sweetest and most holy breath
Which he used when still my name did call

Making me judged condemned cast from heaven
No pardon in his plan no mercy given.

Before I fell upon the mortal earth
My beauty shined beyond spacious heaven
Filling the universe with all my light
Reflecting my beautiful countenance
Then adored by ordinary angels
Who looked from God to see me shining so
A brilliance leaving him a faintly glow
As I seen from all possible angles
Thus tried God's place causing my recompense
Which I now pay from my prison of night
In darkness my hatred does yet leaven
Rising from hell where beauty had its birth

And now the angels look from me instead
To God who has condemned my beauty dead

My feet are cloven hoofs my arms are wings
My eye's are baby blue my skin milk white
My horns are long my claws are razor sharp
My hair my beard and robe are charcoal black
My armor solid gold sword tempered steel
My aura lights the paths on which I walk
My shadow darkens paths of those I stalk
My game to toy with them until the kill
My hope is up to heaven I'll get back
My dread is up in heaven with some harp
My hate is doing everything just right
My love is everything that evil brings

My power comes from God my creator
My curse being his false imitator.

I am the most beautiful creation
And yet my spirit vexed forever doomed
Must crawl the waste land of Gods discontent
Who sits upon his perfect golden throne
To leave me dancing in the burning flames
A ruler of the weakest and the fools
Attending my party with costume jewels
Wearing their rags of best designer names
Their human worthlessness of flesh and bone
With which I am supposed to be content
As my eternity with hate consumed
Suffers in error my degradation

And all of this because of beauty's pride
Which can not die nor from its own eyes hide

Angel De Fuego
copyright 1989